Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs
// History

Why SkinSoftware

SkinSoftware is a software and design startup based in Zürich founded in 2021 by Andrea Ciani (Senior Software Developer) and Angelo Piccoli (3D, UI and UX Designer).

Our goal is to provide modern solutions to help our client to be more efficient and more effective in their business. As a startup indeed our points of strength are flexibility and speed of reaction to modern technologies both in the field of computer science,  development processes and design.

At the core of our ideology resides the interoperability between design and software development. The word Skin (or the process of Skinning itself) is indeed, in computer science, the process of giving a “cosmetic”, a visual shape, to Software, otherwise invisible to users.

By combining the “layouting”, the process of design and the theoretical aspect of the UX aspects (User Experience), with the development of software with state of the art technologies, SkinSoftware aims to improve the way our clients operate, think and use technology, taking the most from innovations and improvements that happen in this field year after year, a task where bigger companies struggle to keep up.

To achieve our goal, for us in SkinSoftware, understanding our clients is the first step. Their processes, their business goals and their mind-set are a crucial point where to start. Only by understanding their point of view and their needs we will be able to identify the important aspects where our work is mostly effective.